Parallel Programming Controlling

From my previous post on Parallel Programming, I showed how to simply improve performance by using a Parallel loop.  However, sometimes you need to control those Parallel loops due to limited resources, or maybe you’re calling an external source that has limited connections, such as sockets, and we don’t want to be a bad consumer and make 50 connection calls instantly due to our Parallel loops.  There are a couple things that I wanted to discuss to help with this control.

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Async Web Api Basics

Recently on my project we were doing some performance testing and found something that really made me take note.  The load performance of Web Api is greatly increased by using Async services.  I was reading about this, and using Async services, allows the server to scale better by the way the thread is handled by the thread pool.  Great article on the matter is found here,

I want to show you the basics of exposing and supporting async web api services.

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Twitter Bootstrap 4 – Cards

Your future, its in the Cards..

I have been brushing myself back up on web technologies again, and as many do, love the Bootstrap library.  I wanted to cover the new Cards in Twitter Bootstrap alpha version 4.  This is a simplification of 3 of their previous components, Panels, Thumbnails, and Wells.  Of those three I’m least familiar with wells.

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Books to Read in 2016

Happy New Year, I wanted to start the new year off with a more analog topic.  I have been reading a lot of books recently, as much as you can with a 16 month old running around, but I got a bit of the reading bug and can’t get enough.

Books lists, everyone does them,  and a lot of people love them.  I thought it was an easy way for me to make myself read the books.  Just get it out there.  I also think its a great way to share good books.  I would appreciate any more recommendations for the new year.

Books I recommend that I read in 2015:

Soft Skills by John Sonmez
This is a great book, it is simple in its language, but it covers a lot and what it does cover is important.  This is the reason I started this blog, and you’ll see most of my books are non-programming.


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F# – Arrays

Next in the F# language, I would like to go over arrays.

I went over loops in my previous post, which I will be using which our arrays, so please take a look at that first if you haven’t learned how to do a for statement.  One thing to remember about Arrays is that they are mutable by default, so you don’t have to use the mutable keyword to indicate that you would like to update the values.

The syntax for declaring an array seems a little strange to me coming from a C# background, and that there are different ways to declare an array with static data.

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