Monthly Archives: November 2015

.NET Framework 4.6 – AppContext

Compatibility switches is a new feature in the .NET Framework 4.6 which will be useful for Windows App store applications.  The .NET Framework only provided compile time features for supporting different versions.  While this is a good way to support multiple features, it is not dynamic enough with the different formats and features that Windows applications will need to support today without using a custom solution.

For just a quick overview, the compilation version features are either using Preprocessor Directives and complication symbols, and the System.Diagnostics Conditional features seen below.

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Butter Coffee

This week, I wanted to take a look at a non-technical topic, and talk about roasted coffee beanssomething that I found really helpful for me, Butter Coffee, aka Bulletproof Coffee.  I know everyone’s first reaction is that it sounds disgusting but it tastes really good, and I can get some serious focus while consuming this mind friendly beverage.  I have been drinking this for almost 2 years now and still look forward to it.

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How to create Header Parameters using Swashbuckle

There is a great sigh of relief when you find that tool to make your developer life easier for whatever you’re working on.  That happened recently when I found the Swashbuckle project.  In this post, I will show you a couple extensions for the Swashbuckle framework: Global Headers for all operations a [FromHeader] attribute for an individual operation.

Swashbuckle and SwaggerSwaggerUi

Swashbuckle will auto generate Swagger JSON specification from your Web API Controllers and Operations.  Continue reading