Monthly Archives: January 2016

Twitter Bootstrap 4 – Cards

Your future, its in the Cards..

I have been brushing myself back up on web technologies again, and as many do, love the Bootstrap library.  I wanted to cover the new Cards in Twitter Bootstrap alpha version 4.  This is a simplification of 3 of their previous components, Panels, Thumbnails, and Wells.  Of those three I’m least familiar with wells.

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Books to Read in 2016

Happy New Year, I wanted to start the new year off with a more analog topic.  I have been reading a lot of books recently, as much as you can with a 16 month old running around, but I got a bit of the reading bug and can’t get enough.

Books lists, everyone does them,  and a lot of people love them.  I thought it was an easy way for me to make myself read the books.  Just get it out there.  I also think its a great way to share good books.  I would appreciate any more recommendations for the new year.

Books I recommend that I read in 2015:

Soft Skills by John Sonmez
This is a great book, it is simple in its language, but it covers a lot and what it does cover is important.  This is the reason I started this blog, and you’ll see most of my books are non-programming.


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