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Agile is not for lazy developers

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A long time ago in a place far away, I worked on a project two consultant teams working together to deliver public web sites and updates to them.

I was on the technical team, and the other team was the design team delivering the visuals. Affectionately called the merging of the left brain and right brain. That analogy went beyond the responsibilities and also showed how the teams functioned. The technical team was strict with delivery deadlines and execution while the design team was *not* so tight, but did come up with good ideas.

It was suggested to switch to an Agile delivery method to help with the deadlines missed, I’ll let you guess by whom. Since this was a while ago, it was one of my first times considering Agile. I thought in some ways it did make sense so we can just deliver what we have in one sprint and get what was missed in the next.

Agile is not an excuse to miss deadlines..

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